Laceyville, Pennsylvania  

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Grange bank

Grange Bank 1930's (far right). The bank was organized on April 24, 1907 and opened it's doors on November 27, 1907. Today the bank's building is modern in design but still located in the same location.
Main Street 1930's
Main Street 1960's. The empty lot on the right is now Eb's Market.
The room directly back of the barbershop was used as an office where Mr. Comstock transacted business as the town's Justice of the Peace. For a total of 55 years he was Main Street's barber.
Laceyville Toll Bridge across the Susquehanna was completed in 1899. The charges for crossing the bridge were 25 cents for horses and 5 cents for pedestrians. Henry Williams served as toll collector for many years, his office was also used as the shoe repair shop.
In 1910 Harvey Lacey opened a hardware store where his brother and family had lived. In 1940 the business was registered as "Laceyville Hardware" and so it remains today.
Oldest House, Laceyville, PA, Believed to be built in 1786 by the carpenter, Elihu Hall, is still standing today. The house has served many purposes throughout the years: as a store and ferry stop; a general store; Laceyville post office; a home. Today it is an antique shop and museum.
Locker Plant 1950 -60's. Today Wiser Choice Restaurant takes the plants place.